Matthew Jackson, also known as Evel (like Knievel) Ogilville in the realm of the unexplained, embarked on his paranormal journey in 2009. But, it all began with a series of enigmatic incidents, the most peculiar of which occurred in 2003 when a disembodied voice whispered in his ear. Then, an unseen force chucked a glass of water in his direction, at precisely the site of the unsolved Clarence Roberts murder mystery that occurred in 1970 in Nashville, Indiana. This eerie encounter ignited his curiosity, prompting him to delve into the intriguing connections between tragic history and supernatural phenomena.

Matthew's insatiable passion for unraveling paranormal mysteries gave birth to PARAHOLICS.COM — a captivating online blog sharing his inquisitive discoveries with a dash of irreverent humor. He firmly believes that exploring the paranormal enriches our understanding of the past and plays a crucial role in preserving and honoring historic locations. Nevertheless, he's quick to admit that proving the existence of an afterlife may be as challenging as bringing Venus closer to Uranus.

Matthew has explored many locations throughout his investigative journey, including iconic ones like the infamous Lizzie Borden House and the Ohio State Reformatory. He has also ventured into the shadowy corridors of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium on numerous occasions. Along the way, Matthew became deeply fascinated with various methods of Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC). Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) became a focal point of his experiments, as he employed Spirit/Ghost Boxes and specialized software for real-time communication with the unknown. Matthew is also the proud owner of some of the most unique spirit boxes in the field.

This domain, Obscura Vox.ITC is dedicated to exploring his personal research surrounding ITC. His mission with Obscura Vox ITC is to foster enthusiasm for colleagues and curiosity-seekers by showcasing devices and methodologies and exploring paranormal concepts.

He also is the editor and chief of www.ITCVoices.org.  ITC Voices founder, chronicler, and theorist Tim Woolworth founded ITC Voices as an archival site to preserve the legacy and expansion of ITC. Later, Tim gave the site to ITC device engineer Austin Maynard, who entrusted Matthew to steward Tim’s original concept. Matthew envisions the site not only to pay homage to the field pioneers but also to be a space for exhibiting contemporary ITC research. The intention is to grow ITC Voices into a collaborative space for ITC enthusiasts and researchers to reference and showcase their work and theories.

In addition to his online endeavors, Matthew is an engaging speaker in the paranormal community. He recently graced the stage at Troy Taylor's Haunted America Conference, where he presented his thought-provoking ITC series, The Ghost vs The Box. Furthermore, he co-hosts the intriguing podcast Shadows In The Static alongside author, ITC researcher, and spirit medium April Slaughter. Together, they delve into the enigmatic world of the unexplained, sharing their insights and experiences with eager listeners.

With a penchant for metaphorical storytelling and a commitment to transparency in his claims, Matthew continues to be an ardent explorer of the unexplainable, illuminating the mysteries that defy conventional understanding in a casually engaging first-person style. Let wonder light your wander as you join him on this extraordinary journey.

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Obscura Vox ITC delves into Instrumental Trans-Communication, showcasing Matthew Jackson’s unique devices and methods to explore the paranormal. Here, the mission is to shed light on the elusive voices beyond the veil of our perceived reality.


Obscura Vox ITC, led by Matthew Jackson, explores paranormal phenomena through unique devices and methods in Instrumental Trans-Communication. OVI aims to connect to the mysteries within static and understand the unheard voices beyond reality's veil.