Obscura Mission:

Illuminating The Static

Obscura Vox ITC invites you to delve into the enigmatic realm of Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC). Spearheaded by Matthew Jackson, this platform showcases his innovative research and experimentation with unique devices and methods in the paranormal field. Matthew advocates a broader perspective of ITC, viewing it as a conduit to a vast cosmic consciousness rather than merely a medium for ghostly interactions. His work is deeply rooted in the rich legacy of ITC's pioneers and further enriched by the exemplary standards of contemporary practitioners.

Matthew's approach is marked by a commitment to transparency and a bold willingness to explore the unknown. His experiments in ITC aim to connect with an intelligence whose origins and nature are yet to be understood, employing a diverse array of communicative technologies and strategies.

Join this extraordinary journey at Obscura Vox ITC, where curiosity and wonder steer exploration. Here, the unseen world becomes a subject of profound investigation, offering a window into the mysteries that lie within static. The mission is to shed light on the elusive voices beyond the veil of our perceived reality, advancing our understanding of this profound phenomenon.