What is ITC?

Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) is a comprehensive term that encompasses various techniques and devices aimed at initiating and maintaining communication with an intelligence of indeterminate source and origin. Central to ITC is the pursuit of interaction with entities or consciousnesses residing beyond our conventional realm of understanding. This field employs a diverse array of methodologies and technologies, each serving as a potential conduit to the unknown.

Among these varied techniques is Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), a process of capturing unexplained ethereal voices or sounds on electronic devices. This intriguing phenomenon hints at the presence of unseen communicators.

Similarly, some approaches blend the mystical with the experimental, such as water scrying—an ancient art of gazing into water for visions or messages, offering a more esoteric approach. Alongside this, dowsing rods, traditionally used for divination, find new purpose in the hands of ITC practitioners, probing the unseen and the unexplained.

Further expanding the ITC toolkit are scrying mirrors, various tape recorders, sophisticated audio equipment, microphones, and electromagnetic detection meters. Visual mediums such as different types of cameras and television also play a role, as do musical instruments and a broad spectrum of electronic devices. These include diodes, fans, quartz crystals, holography equipment, noise and tone generators, frequency and pulse generators, magnetometers, compasses, specialized clocks, antennas, lasers, and computer programs. Each tool, in its own way, attempts to pierce the veil between our world and that which lies beyond.

Radios hold a special place in ITC research, being pivotal not only in the development of EVP but also as powerful communication instruments. Direct Radio Voice (DRV), a fascinating real-time interaction where intelligent vocalizations emanate directly from radios set to static frequencies, provides evidence of an unseen source. Additionally, radios transformed into ghost boxes or spirit boxes underscore the dynamic aspect of ITC. Unlike traditional EVP, which relies on post-event analysis, these devices enable live, two-way communication with ghosts, spirits, or potentially higher consciousnesses, fostering immediate responses and a more fluid form of dialogue.

ITC is not merely a set of techniques; it’s a journey into the uncharted territories of existence. It marries technological innovation with the age-old human desire to explore the unknown, offering a rare glimpse into the enigmatic realms at the edge of our scientific and experiential boundaries. This field invites both the curious and the skeptical to consider the possibilities that lie just beyond the reach of our current understanding in the ever-expanding quest to comprehend the full spectrum of reality.

— Evel Ogilville